Inspirited Results

Inspirited Individuals Achieving Meaningful Results Together

My background & beliefs

My invitation is to be as rigorous about ‘inviting people to shift’ as about the ‘analytical answer’ - for lasting, humanized change to happen in business.

After pursuing my own path within Bain for 20 years in the 'hard business side of change' I feels I have a role to play in linking to the softer, so-called 'undercurrent side of change'. Continuing to immerse myself in that field with passion.

I believe in a pluralistic approach - no ‘one’ approach is best - it’s about taking the best from all there is out there for superior business results: from anthropology to biology, from psychology to coaching, from economics to business, from philosophy to bodywork, from science to spirituality, and from observations to storytelling.

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My why

There is huge untapped potential at individual level in (large) organizations to engage their minds, ignite their hearts, and make their souls sing by truly connecting to themselves, others ánd the whole to serve a common business result.

It starts with the business result you want to achieve - always. Without 'knowing' the general direction you're going into is right, change at scale is not the answer.

However, everything else is about how you can get there together: inviting people to change, knowing you will face resistance, hearing what people have to say and meeting them where they are to facilitate the shift.

My ideology

  • I believe in the potential and goodness of people – with a strong sense of possibility

  • I believe in people being deserving of a fulfilling life – with work naturally playing a big role

  • I believe we can each be our own inspirational leader– with the ability to shape our future

My journey so far

  • Growing up as a bit of a tomboy and geek
  • Going to Delft to study Chemical Engineering
  • Starting as employee #13 (and the first woman) in the Bain Amsterdam office
  • Using Leaves of Absences to balance intense work-life with intense freedom (solo-backpacking in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia respectively)
  • Living life big in New York where I did my MBA and joined the Bain NY office
  • Escaping to India for 2 months to do volunteer work 'to find myself'
  • Returning to Bain Amsterdam and going part-time (80%) to allow myself space
  • Meeting the love of my life and falling pregnant after 9 months
  • Moving to Broek in Waterland and welcoming our first son Jacq into our lives - and 1.5 years later his little brother Tom
  • Continuing to focus on heavy industries at Bain while taking on the Professional Development role for the Amsterdam office
  • Becoming Bain partner and continuing to focus more on the organizatoinal & people side of change
  • Taking a 9-month sabbatical to develop a view on Humanized Change - focusing on the people-aspect rather than the analytical aspect of change
  • Immersing myself into the people-side of things through e.g. Accredited coaching course, Deep Democracy and Non-violent communication courses
  • Having the liberty to develop my concept Inspirited Results within the Bain context

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