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My inspiration

I am a passionate reader and knowledge/experience gatherer. And I love nothing more than to share with others.
Below you'll find a selection of books, methods, movies, poems and stories that I get my inspiration from.

Select books

  • Daring greatly - BrenĂ© Brown
    Proving the power of vulnerability

  • Factfulness - Hans Rosling
    10 reasons why we are wrong about the world

  • Fit in or Stand out - Anke Tusveld
    How to express your signature strength and live by it

  • Founder's mentality - Chris Zook & James Allen
    How to keep - or re-find - the why of your business

  • Het licht en de korenmaat (Dutch) - Hans Wopereis
    Invitation to finding live your 'why' in work

  • Holy Cow - Sarah MacDonald
    Showing all religions have a common basis

  • How will you measure your life - Clay Christensen
    How to apply business-strategy to our own life

  • Humankind - Rutger Bregman*
    Positive spin on how we humans have evolved

  • Mama's last hug - Frans de Waal
    Essay on how we are all connected (interbeing)

  • Meer (Dutch) - Hidde Boersma et al.
    How abundance drives sustainability and prosperity

  • Synchronicity - Joseph Jaworski (2nd edition)*
    Invitation to shape your future from within

  • The Corporate Tribe - Danielle Braun & Jitske Kramer
    Organizational lessons from anthropology

  • The return of the king - Ton van der Kroon
    Using myths and symbolism to look at (men's) life

  • Time to think - Nancy Kline
    Underscoring the power of listening

  • Veronica decides to die - Paulo Coelho
    How our own mortality makes us want to live

  • Wat wij kunnen leren van economen die (bijna) niemand meer leest (Dutch) - Irene van Staveren
    The power of a pluralistic approach

  • When Nietzsche wept - Irvin D. Yalom
    The Schopenhauer cure - Irvin D. Yalom
    Nietzsche & Schopenhauer's philosophy in a novel
    Lying on the couch - Irin D. Yalom
    Great tips for all (types of) coaches

*Special recommendation

Select methods

Select movies/episodes

  • As it is in Heaven - movie
    About finding your inner voice

  • Call to courage - BrenĂ© Brown - netflix
    How courage and vulnerability are intertwined

  • Not your guru - Tony Robbins - netflix
    Urging you to face your hurdles - behind scenes

  • The Truman show - movie
    About authenticiy and choosing your reality

  • Workplace dynamics - Esther Perel - SXSW 2019
    How to apply relationship-insights to the workfloor

Select poems/stories

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