Inspirited Results

Inspirited Individuals Achieving Meaningful Results Together

My expertise

I focus on three main pillars:

- Supporting business change: overall organization focus, from a people angle

- Unleashing power in people: inclusion at intra- and interhuman level, within a business setting

- Coaching selectively: individual/small-group focus

Supporting business change

  • Crystallizing the desired result through dialogue

  • Translating the 'pitch' to a 'catch'

  • Focusing on the 'will to shift'

  • Learning from resistance

  • Personalizing the shift

At the answer stage (define direction) and
at the post-answer stage (implement)

Unleasing power in people

  • Personal capacity and purpose

  • Linking personal, team and business 'purpose'

  • Diversity, Inclusion and psychological safety

  • Accountability and responsibility

  • Holistic life perspective

At intra-human, inter-human and company level

Coaching selectively

  • Deeper individual/small-group work as required

  • (Leadership) team journeys

  • Including systemic constellations as appropriate

For individuals and teams

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